Josh Borba

Welcome! I am the President of Zyng, Inc.

We do business as Zyng Mortgage, MLS Mortgage, MLS Reverse Mortgage and Zyng Reverse Mortgage.

About Zyng Mortgage: We are not your typical mortgage company. In fact, we exist to make mortgages easy. Our vision is lofty, aspirational, definitely valuable to you, our client, but in all honesty, nearly impossible. The mortgage world is highly regulated, for good reason. We stand with one mission and that’s to provide an amazyng mortgage experience. We do that by empowering our team through leveraging technology, continuous training and a fun-filled environment.  You will not see us wearing suits and ties. We dress casually, but there is nothing casual about our worth ethic. We work tirelessly for you and our team members. We win, fail and grow as a team.

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